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Ease Acupuncture NYC | Modern & Affordable


We accept the Most Major insurance plans, and we will make it Simple!

Please SUBMIT your insurance information, we will check your eligibility.

Not covered by any of insurances, we have Simply and Affordable pricing for you.  

At Ease, our wellness programs are built with your whole health in mind!


$75: New Client Offer  

Acupuncture Wellness Package 

$350: Five Acupuncture Sessions (Best Value)

Free Add-ons:  Cupping Therapy 

Cupping Therapy

$60: Cupping: Non-Member Session 


Acupuncture + Lipo-Light 

$185: Non-Member Session

Acupuncture Returning Treatment

$95: Non - Member Session

Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture 

$120: Facial Acupuncture

Free Add-on: LED Light Skin Therapy

Acupuncture + Cupping

119: Non-Member Session

Lipo-Light Fat Reduction 

$85: Lipo-Light for Slim, Shape & Tone


at Ease

A Better You starts with a Better Lifestyle!

Join our easy and affordable Wellness-Meets-Beauty membership and save more!

Your self-care routine journey begins at EASE!

Membership at Ease Acupuncture: Health & Glow, Save More!
Membership at Ease

Why Get A Membership at EASE?

  • Discounted Pricing for services at Ease Medspa

  • Free Add-on Cupping & LED Light and Infrared Therapy

  • Mix & Match with Any Acu+ Membership Treatments 

  • Get $10-20 off follow up treatment

Acu Monthly

1 Session Per Month

$85 / Month

  • Free Add-on: Cupping Therapy

  • $10 Off Additional Sessions in the month 

  • $10 Off Services at EASE MEDSPA 

Acupuncture Membership Ease Acupuncture NYC

Acu Extra

2 Sessions Per Month

$150 / Month

  • Free Add-on: Cupping Therapy

  • $20 Off Each Acu Extra Session 

  • $10 Off Services at EASE MEDSPA 

Facial at Ease Acupuncture NYC

Acu + Glow

1 Acu + 1 Custom Facial Per Month

$150 / Month

  • Custom Facial at Ease Medspa 

  • Free Add: Cupping + LED Face Therapy

  • $20 Off Each Acu + Glow Session 

  • $10 Off Services at EASE MEDSPA 

Acupuncture & Lipo Light-Ease Acupuncture NYC

Acu + Lipo-light

1 Acu + 1 Light-light Per Month

$150 / Month

  • Free Add-on: Cupping Therapy

  • Free Add-on Infrared Light Therapy

  • $20 Off Each Acu + Lipo Session 

  • $10 Off Services at EASE MEDSPA 

Membership Information

Ease Acupuncture-tranquil environment with relaxing private room settings
  • Membership fee billed on the 1st day of each month

  • No Commitment, cancel at anytime with 30-day notice

  • Members may rollover any unused services up to 3 months. Upon termination of your month-to-month membership, accumulated member service packages expire and are non-refundable 90 days after you cancel your membership. 

  • Additional Services Discounts - $10 Off any additional services at EASE MEDSPA.

  • Retail Discounts - 10% Off for All product purchases

  • Referral Rewards: Bring a friend who is new to Ease, and they get 20% Off their first Membership Treatment! You will get $15 Off from your membership. 

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