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Meet Ease Acupuncture Dr Wang NYC


Welcome to Ease!


I am Licensed and Board Certified Acupuncture doctor Wang. The founder of Ease Acupuncture Wellness Group. I am also a Tai-Chi & Qi-Gong Healing Master.

At Ease, your health and wellness are our passion!


Born in China, Qingdong Wang started learning healing arts as a young boy, and his mother, a certified Chinese Herbalist taught him about the preventative power of acupuncture and herbs, and he was passionate about the natural healing from then on.


Based on Wang’s long term experience in clinical practice and healing therapy in China, Wang received his Master’s of Traditional Chinese Medicine from New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine which is one of the top acupuncture institutions nationwide, and is certified diplomate  by the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

As a board certified and licensed Acupuncturist in New York and New Jersey, a Qi-Gong Healer and Tai-Chi Master since 1990, Wang's Chinese medicine practice combines Eastern and Western natural healing  philosophies to provide his patients with the best care. He strongly believe that the balance of Ying and Yang is the key to health and blends the  practice of Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong therapy into his patients which has proven to be a very effective approach to healing. His patients

love his calm, smooth, focused approach and his unquestioned commitment to addressing their health concerns. 


Wang is skilled in Pain Management, he is also consistently researching effective treatments for stubborn chronic disorders, and has been effectively treating many disorders by employing his Modern Chinese Medicine approach, including spine injuries, scoliosis, sciatica,  shingles, concussion, neuropathy infertility, depression and anxiety, digestive diseases, skin issues, migraines, hormonal and reproductive issues in both women and men. 


Wang is certified Tai-Chi and Qi-Gong practitioner, and his Qi-Gong healing capabilities make his acupuncture treatment superb. He can 

scan the blockages, then smooth the flow of Qi in the body, this is especially essential to treat nervous conditions in brain and spine, and balance your whole body. He has gained an in-depth knowledge of Chen style Tai-Chi for health purposes, and created a Qi-Gong therapy which consist of meditation and Tai-Chi healing system with fifteen movements, this is especially appropriate for today's busy life style. 

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,  you touch everything."


- Lao Tzu  

Meet Ease Acupuncture Dr Qiu NYC


I am Licensed Acupuncture Doctor Qiu.

I am a Board Certified Chinese Herbalist and Health Consultant

Well-being is a way of life. Live Better!

Dr. Kaihong Qiu is a senior Licensed Acupuncturist with 24 years experience in clinical practice and in academia. In 1991, 

Kaihong graduated from Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, after working in the 2nd People’s Hospital of Fujian for 2 years, Kaihong came to New York, and received her Acupuncture License in 1996, and  has been practicing acupuncture in New York for 22 years.

For many years, as a Board Certified Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist and a Health Consultant, Kaihong has specialized in the treatment of women and couples who are suffering from infertility and other reproductive and hormonal challenges, and has successfully treated thousands of patients with all different types of disease. Kaihong has been teaching in New York College of TCM for 7 years, and she understands the efficacy of acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas for wide range of medical conditions, and choosing formulas that are specific to each patient’s individual unique condition.


Kaihong’s patients love her professionalism, caring and sense of responsibility. Her areas of Expertise are:


  • Woman condition: Infertility, Menopause, Menstruation dysfunction etc.

  • back pain hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, wrist pain etc.

  • Mental condition:  Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Insomnia etc.

  • Neurological Disorder and Pain Management: stroke recovery, Bell’s palsy, headache, neck & shoulder pain.

  • Other: facial rejuvenation, weight control, allergies, IBS etc.

Ease Acupuncture-Wellness Meets Beauty

There is always the good old adage of “Under Promise and Over Deliver”! At Ease, our highly-trained team members do care and always keep your health and beauty in mind!


More than just Acupuncture, at Ease Acupuncture Wellness group, Dr. Wang leads his holistic team to use and promote natural and holistic treatments combining with the latest modern technology, and offering a full range of safe, time-tested healing modalities including Acupuncture, Cupping, Herbal Therapy, Acupressure & Tui-na Massage Therapy, Cosmetic Acupuncture, Cold Laser Therapy, and Electrical Stimulation, all to promote the importance of harmony between mind, body and spirit!

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